Since winning the Gold Plate in 2007 we have continued to strive to find ways to serve you better and enhance the Caf-fez experience. In todays society we are becoming accutely aware of the need to preserve our environment through better practices. At Caf-fez we take our responsibility to the environment seriously.

Over the last four years we have endeavoured to identify the areas where we could be more proactive in developing environmentally appropriate practices. Our first success was when we discovered that coffee grinds are a natural pesticide, detering pests from moving in to your precious garden patch. As an extra bonus coffee grinds are also high in nitrogen, which is great for greening up your plants and promoting healthy growth. If the pests are ruining your garden feel free to bring in a bag or bucket and our friendly staff will gladly assist you.

Our next step was to find a way of eliminating the need for the large quantities of food scraps from ending up in landfill sites. The solution in the end was quite simple, each of the owners built worm farms for their gardens and use most of the scraps from the cafe to feed their hungry worms and also supplemnent our friend’s chickens diet with a delicious array of tasty morsels.

In reducing our waste we have changed our five ordinary wheelie bins into three recycling bins with just two conventional bins for rubbish that cannot be reused or recycled. We don’t pretend that we have totally eliminated all environmental issues in relation to a cafe, but we have made the commitment to be as environmentally proactive as we can. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our practices we would love to hear from you.

A further bonus to our environmental initiatives has resulted from us now sourcing our fresh milk and other dairy products through Bannister Downs. The milk comes comes in containers made predominantly from calcium carbonate (the main chemical in limestone) which is totally recylable. We are very happy to be associated with other like minded companies, such as Bannister Downs who take their responsibility to the environment seriously.

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